7 Questions that help you find the ideal injection molding partner

7 Questions that help you find the ideal injection molding partner

Looking for a injection molding partner that your new product design can show the light of day? Choosing a producer can be time consuming.

We understand that you prefer to spend that time on something else. That’s why we’re helping you out. The following seven questions are a guide to finding the ideal injection molding partner.

1. What should I look for in terms of price?

An important question, of course, is: what will it cost me? It can be very tempting to choose a producer with the lowest price. But don’t let this be the determining factor! A good balance between cost and quality is essential. Don’t forget to pay attention to costs in addition to production! For example, costs charged for transport and logistics. Always check if these are included in the price.

2. Does the producer have enough experience?

As an entrepreneur, you want your chosen injection molding partner to work efficiently. This is to prevent production delays and waste of money. It is therefore important that the producer has sufficient expertise and experience in the plastics industry. Motivated, skilled and trained employees are a must! In addition, up-to-date knowledge of trends and technology is important. In this way, a sustainable product can be developed!

3. What is the product quality?

As discussed earlier, quality is an important factor. Preferably, choose a injection molding partner that has an ISO certification. With this certificate, the producer shows that he meets the international standard for quality management. High-quality plastic production is guaranteed in this way.

7 Questions that help you find the ideal injection molding partner

4. Is there effective communication?

Effective, open and mutual communication is of great importance. This means that the injection molding will ideally give you interim updates and not only contact you when a problem occurs. Always check whether the producer is easy to approach. For example, by phone, email or web form.

5. What are the terms and conditions?

Always read the terms and conditions carefully in advance so that you are informed. That way you know what to expect in the event that something goes wrong with your delivery. A good supplier will have a complaints scheme and will work with you to find a solution.

6. Is the machinery up-to-date?

A good injection molding partner has good production equipment in-house. Without this, it can never meet the required quality. This also makes it difficult to deliver on time. Feel free to ask how extensive and up-to-date the machinery is. A large machinery will reduce the risk of late delivery. Diversity can also offer benefits such as different methods of injection molding and different sizes in products.

7. Can it be delivered on time?

Depending on where you are going to produce, you should consider a short or longer delivery time. Therefore, always check whether the supplier can meet your desired delivery date. If you want your parts delivered to an international market, always check whether the supplier is able to process the required documentation for this!

As you read, there are quite a few factors to consider when choosing a (new) injection molding partner. But it’s definitely worth getting into it. A good injection molding partner assures you of quality, a fair price and a fast delivery. From the start you can be one step ahead of any competition.


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