About Orange Plastics

You are looking for a professional party that can manufacture your plastic products for you. You are thinking of a reliable injection molding partner that offers a high-quality and sustainable production process. An experienced party that uses the latest techniques, processes and knowledge.

Orange Plastics is that partner!

About Orange Plastics

Orange Plastics, your all-round injection molding partner

Injection molding is a complex process

From the idea to the 3D designs. From manufacturing of the molds, to a test injection molding process and mass production. And from assembly and packaging to delivery to the door. Through our years of experience we have experienced, solved and learned a lot. Our experience, our adherence to SGS protocols and our down-to-earth guidance are regularly both the result and the cause of our many projects.

About Orange Plastics BV

Orange Plastics was founded in 2002. We have grown into a medium and dynamic producer of plastic components and composite products.

We work from the point of view that no product is the same and that the future of injection molding production lies in the flexibility and sustainability of the production process. As a dynamic medium-sized player, we offer the flexibility that guarantees quality for your specific situation. We can do this from small to large series. From a component to a whole end product.

This philosophy drives us every day when we produce your plastic components. And because your goal goes beyond injection molding alone, we also offer assembly, printing, testing procedures, and customized packaging of your products. From China or the Netherlands, we supply your products all over the world.

Orange Plastics is your partner from product-drawing to delivery.

Lead through network and experience

Orange Plastics produces with the most modern machines and uses high-quality techniques and programs for your products.

Our employees are involved in your product and continue to develop with training and up-to-date knowledge about molds, plastic and injection molding technology. This way they can provide you with the best possible service and guidance.

Orange Plastics BV, a company based on Dutch soil, has established its headquarters right between Amsterdam and Utrecht, in the heart of the Netherlands.

With production locations in China and the Netherlands, and in close cooperation with our direct partners R2S and Qbig, we offer you an appropriate production process, on very competitive terms.

Let us help you to produce your plastic product