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Accord Healthcare introduces new medical solution for rheumatoid patients

A new product based on an idea from Accord Healthcare that could be achieved in close collaboration with Orange Plastics.

An indispensable link in the chain of Dutch healthcare, that characterises Accord Healthcare. Their mission is to work with hospitals, pharmacies, wholesalers and other medical stakeholders to ensure the crucial delivery of life-saving medicines to patients.


Like Orange Plastics, Accord Healthcare has an excellent reputation for customisation and quality. It is very important for Accord to remain aware of its vulnerable role in the world of healthcare by only doing business with reliable partners who can meet the organisation’s high standard of integrity.

In the Orange Plastics team, Accord found an equal partner who was able to convert its unique idea into a tangible product in a short space of time. Thanks to years of experience in the manufacture of plastic medical products, Orange Plastics’ specialists understood the purpose of the project at the drop of a hat and were quickly able to provide Accord Healthcare’s stakeholders with sound advice and a production plan.

Working closely together towards a rewarding end product for rheumatism patients.

Together, the professionals from both organisations came up with an additional tool that allows rheumatoid arthritis clients to take the cap off a syringe without having to exert much force.

The patient places a syringe in its entirety in the slot of the plastic box and places the syringe in such a way that the cap of the syringe hangs behind a raised edge of the box. By pulling gently on the syringe, the cap falls off and the syringe is ready for use.

For many rheumatism patients, this is a rewarding solution that helps them to inject medication. The plastic case is made of Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene (ABS), a type of plastic that is often used when making enclosures for electronics and medical equipment.

Some examples of medical products to which Orange Plastics made a significant contribution are; blood tubes (HemCol), a monitoring system for pregnant women and laboratory boxes for microscope supplies.

We also had the Accord logo printed on the product at the client’s request. There are many possibilities in finishes and prints, Orange Plastics can help you with this.

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