Cleanflex easy - ionization gun

Cleanflex Easy ionisation air gun

Cleanflex Easy ionisation air gun

For our customer Simco-Ion we were commissioned to design the housing for the Cleanflex Easy, an innovative and ergonomic ionisation air gun designed for cleaning and neutralising static surfaces.

Simco-Ion is a supplier of cleaning products that free statically charged surfaces from dust and other particles. They came up with the Cleanflex Easy ionisation air gun. This ergonomically designed hand tool helps a user to easily free different types of surfaces from a static charge.

The device has an ergonomic handle and is often used in the manufacturing industry to clean statically charged products so that no dust or other particles stick to the sensitive surfaces. The product has innovative features that you will not find in any other ionisation air gun. Moreover, the Cleanflex Easy is also very versatile in use.

Click here for a short video to get acquainted with the Cleanflex Easy. For more information on the performance of this modern air pistol, you can request a demo via this link.

The Orange Plastics team has contributed to the development and production of the Cleanflex Easy by taking care of…

  • Engineering and manufacturing of all components
  • Manufacture of all steel production molds
  • Production of all plastic parts

Click here for more information on our unique production process, from idea to mould construction, and plastic injection molding to the finished product.

Another great project completed by Orange Plastics in collaboration with the client. An innovative product and client profile that fits well with the portfolio of technical companies Orange Plastics produces for.

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