Cleanroom in The Netherlands

In collaboration with the parent company de Straatweg Group and social workshop Kansis, Orange Plastics has created a cleanroom for the assembly of plastic products in the food and medical industry.

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Orange Plastics realizes Cleanroom together with Kansis

At the location on the Corridor in Breukelen, the available space of Kansis was used and within a month a clean room was realized. With an air cleaning by two fan filter units equipped with ULPA filters U15, this clean room has the specifications of an air treatment of ISO class 8.


In addition, the room is equipped with electrics, compressed air connections and an airlock and has no less than eight workstations where employees, equipped with lab coats, hairnets, gloves and mouthcaps, can do their job hygienically and dust free.


All this is completely in line with the vision of the group, where we are looking for projects and opportunities to be socially responsible. We currently offer between four and six workplaces for people with minor disabilities and we have “Made in Holland” in high regard.


Under the watchful eye of the alderman of Stichtse Vecht, the CEO of the Straatweg Group Anne Bruggink and the director of social workshop Kansis have concluded a cooperation agreement for the extended future.


To date, we have been able to provide assembly in our clean room for several clients from the medical and food industry(Qbig-Packaging),with a fantastic result in which both the customer, the Kansis employees and we, are extremely satisfied. On to even more sustainable projects!


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