The Cruise Fan Coil Unit-500 Enigma

The Cruise Fan Coil Unit (CFU-500 Enigma) is a beautiful, state-of-the-art fan convector unit designed for all types of passenger ships such as yacht cruisers and cruise ships.

Ultra lightweight and easy to install
The robust lightweight housing, made of reinforced plastics with flame retardant specially designed insulation material,
enabled us to create the lightest fan convector in its range segment. Vertical installation allows installation of the fan convector in narrow service areas outside cabins or public areas. In addition, the CFU-500 Enigma can be easily maintained via a single access panel.

Extremely energy efficient
CFU-500 Enigma can be connected to the built-in Ethernet, enabling continuous analysis of user data in each individual Surface. The CFU-500 Enigma adapts accordingly to minimize the energy waste, resulting in a very energy efficient system.

Easy to operate
The indoor climate is designed by newly measured and controlled 4.3 ” touchscreen thermostats, which fit the
mood of the room by a subtle LED-lit ring behind the thermostat. The thermostat controls room temperature by cooling, variable automatic airflow and stepless heating. The clean and intuitive interface ensures an easy adaptation of the climate to the user’s wishes.

  • State-of-the-art design.
  • Future-proof design with an eye for sustainability
    and comfort requirements.
  • Energy efficient thanks to integrated intelligence.
  • Minimal fluctuations due to continuous measurements.
  • Plug and play installation and commissioning.
  • Excellent sound-reducing capabilities.
  • Stand-alone or network connection possible.
  • Clean and intuitive 4.3’touchscreen thermostat.

Cruise Fan Coil Unit-500 Enigma

More about the Cruise Fan Coil Unit-500 Enigma can be found on this website