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Desteq Portable

Desteq Portable – disinfect and clean in a blink of an eye

For professional caretakers, hospitality workers and ambulance staff, time-consuming and labour-intensive cleaning and disinfecting exercises are now a thing of the past!

With the Desteq Portable, hotels, hospitals and catering establishments are assured of fast, safe and spotless cleaning thanks to innovative, sustainable and proven UV-C light technology.

Our team at Orange Plastics was responsible for both the design of the products and the manufacturing of the molds for this customer.
Then the products were produced, assembled and delivered. The Desteq Portable’s housing consists of a battery pack and a handheld device. A special technique of plastic chromium plating is used, which increases the effectiveness of the UV light and thus reduces the time needed to disinfect all kinds of surfaces. For the battery pack, our team devised a clever closure with tamper-evident sealing. The customer has recently successfully launched a first product series in the market.

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Especially in the present day, where Corona and Covid-19 have become common terms and where we, as a result, have to comply with all kinds of strict measures and regulations regarding hygiene, the Desteq Portable is a welcome addition to your business operations. With the relaxation of existing restrictions and thus the importance of clean safe surfaces, this innovative product could not have been introduced at a better time.

The investment in a Desteq Portable is not a luxury. The device pays for itself in a very short time and significantly reduces the average cleaning and disinfection time. In addition, the Desteq Portable cleans surfaces harmlessly and eliminates the need for detergents, automatically contributing to a better environment.

In short, the Desteq Portable is a valuable, time-saving and sustainable investment with a short payback period for many business sectors. Efficient and effective!

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The advantages of the Desteq Portable in a row:
  • Safe
  • Cost saving
  • Long lasting
  • Solid
  • A unique solution for furniture
  • Top quality in hygiene

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