ear saver

Ear Saver, avoid cutting mouth caps to your ears

Ear Saver, no cutting mouthcap lines behind your ears

We live in uncertain times now that there are different rules than we are used to. In many workplaces and public spaces, we are required to wear mouth masks.

We understand that wearing a mask can be very uncomfortable. Not only is breathing difficult, but also the elastic straps can, after prolonged use, cause a lot of friction and even cuts behind the ears.

The 100% Dutch solution: Ear Saver

That’s why we started producing the Ear Saver for one of our customers.ear saver

The customer approached us with the idea of attaching a plastic strip to the elastic straps of the mask, instead of the elastic straps being attached behind your earcup. A simple idea with great advantages, it removes the pressure behind the ears and thus prevents friction and even cuts to your ears. In addition, the Ear Saver has several brackets on both sides so you can control how tight the mouth mask is and you can now use any size mouth cap. Orange Plastics has contributed to this project by thinking about the type of material and production method. We realized the mold within a week and then immediately proceeded to produce on a large scale. Furthermore, we have thought along about the design of the packaging and we put this customer in contact with a packaging supplier from our network. Orders are increasing so we are already developing a new mold to further increase output.

The Ear Savers are available in the store and online via this link


This is a good example of how we also like your idea; quickly make a good product!

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