Eland soil injector

Eland Machines – pioneer in lightweight soil injectors

Eland Machines and Orange Plastics work together on successful manure seasons.

A thoroughly Dutch product that is ready for the future, innovative and also sustainable. That is exactly what the renewed soil injectors from Eland Machines stand for.

Orange Plastics’ ambition is to use its years of experience in the plastics industry to attract sustainable business partners with whom it can take interesting steps towards building the world of tomorrow, in addition to finding environmentally friendly solutions.

Soil injectors from Eland Machines have a low weight and are low-maintenance. With this, the organisation is responding to the market need to develop agricultural machinery that, in addition to being sustainable, is also suitable for keeping delicate crops intact and thus ensuring high-quality consumption.

In order to make an environmentally conscious contribution to the agricultural machines, the technical engineers at Orange Plastics, in close cooperation with the founders of Eland, came up with a set of plastic parts for the pipes of the lightweight fertiliser machines.

The parts are made of Polyoxemethylene (POM) and fit seamlessly with the other parts of the machines. A silicone insulation sleeve ensures that manure cannot leak through the pipe. In addition to injection molds, Orange Plastics also develops silicone compression molds.

An interesting video was made for a detailed explanation of the machine.

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