FAQ plastic injection molding

Plastic injection molding is quite a complex process, from idea, to realization you encounter a lot of challenges. In order to prepare as well as possible for the production of your next plastic product, we have put together an FAQ to answer the most common plastic production questions, on to a beautiful project!

Plastic spuitgieten, hoe werkt dat?

In the case of plastic injection molding, a injection moulding machine injects liquid plastic into a mould under high pressure. This technique creates a plastic product with a predetermined solid form.

Plastic injection molding in six steps

  1. plastic injection molding with injection moulderThe injection mould machine closes the mould and keeps it closed, so that during the plastic injection mold the mould forms a closed whole.
  2. Hot plastic is injected into the mould by the nozzle of the injection mould.
  3. Plastic injection molding: the inside of the mould is filled with plastic.
  4. The injected plastic now cools down and solidifies into a solid product. The injection moulding machine switches to emphasis, so that shrinkage cavities that arise during the transition from liquid to solid phase are filled.
  5. The nose of the injection moulding machine may be decoupled from the mould.
  6. The mould is now opened, after which the finished plastic product is printed out of the mould by emitters. The injection molding is complete.

The possible plastics in plastic injection molding

Orange Plastics offers a range of thermoplastic plastics when spraying your plastic product. For example, we use polycarbonate, polystyrene, polypropylene, polyamide, PVC and ABS.

Our rich know-how and experience in plastic injection molding helps us select the best suitable plastic types for the function and appearance of your plastic product. A good deepening of us in your wishes is therefore indispensable to spray plastic to your complete satisfaction.

Wat is een matrijs?

A mould is a tool that is specially manufactured for the production of your plastic product. Orange Plastics has its own mould factory.

The function of a die

mould in production environmentLike a mold, a mould contains a cavity that takes shape on your plastic product. During injection molding, the liquid plastic is sprayed into your mould.

It is important to optimize a die to perfection, as every unevenness in the final products is visible. Mould production is therefore a costly first step in injection molding.

Construction and size of mould

The size of the mould depends, among other things, on the capacity of the injection mould machine, series size and the shape and dimensions of your product.

The design and mould parts of a mould are also aimed at enerding the plastic product efficiently from the mould.

One die or several?

For most plastic products, one die is not enough. These products consist of different components, with varying types of plastic. A separate mould is then developed for each component.

Orange Plastics also offers 2k injection molding, with which a product consisting of two plastic components can still be manufactured with one mould.

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