Metal and Plastic Re-engineering

Have you thought about minimising metal parts in your product?
We like to advice you.

Re-engineering from metal to plastic is certainly not a goal in itself and does contribute to the following points:

  • Cost reduction for investment and assembly
  • More possibilities in product design
  • Faster time-to-market

At Orange Plastics we offer you proven re-engineering processes, from drawing to delivery.


Rough sketches based on existing products

Benefits of plastic over metal

Replacing metal products and parts with plastic often makes a production process considerably cheaper and faster. After all, plastic is light in weight, offers a wide range of design possibilities and requires far fewer assembly and finishing steps than metal.

There are many types of plastic, each of which has its own specific characteristics and properties. This makes it possible to select the type of plastic that suits the intended result best.

Plastic is also much more expensive than metal.
It’s a fact that metal is much more laborious and this obviously has an effect on the CO2 emissions and ecological footprint of the production process. Furthermore, plastic can be used for many more purposes than metal. Read more about sustainability and plastics on our special page

Orange Plastics analyses your existing metal parts and takes into account the design, form and function in detail. One conclusion may be that there are major differences between metal and plastic, so that a deviation from the initial design is sometimes unavoidable in order to achieve a successful end result and optimise your profits.

Of course thanks to our many years of experience, we can provide you with high-quality advice and take care of the entire conversion process – from start to finish.

Our engineers translate your product into a 3D drawing and, together with our technical colleagues we determine which type of plastic is most suitable to replace the metal. After agreement, the mold will be made and a sample produced. If it fulfils all the conditions and requirements, mass production can begin. The production of plastic products is in any case many times faster and more flexible than a metal product will ever be.

Want to switch also?

Curious what re-engineering can do for your organization? Orange Plastics has the knowledge and experience to quickly assess whether your company can benefit from a re-engineering process.

When does re-engineering offer benefits?

It may be difficult for you to estimate how much you can save by switching from metal to plastic. At Orange Plastics, with our experience in plastic re-engineering, we can assist you and provide you with professional advice, we are happy to help!

We analyse every aspect of your component for you and point out specific benefits and disadvantages of plastic re-engineering. We make the assembly and finishing phases transparent and inform you about the phases that may be omitted. Even if the change to plastic seems to make less sense to you, you can come to us for an honest and professional advice. Some products are simply better off in a metal version than in a plastic one.

Please contact us for a no-obligation consultation with our plastics specialists and engineers to find out whether they can use their expertise to help you successfully convert your metal parts to plastic.

Let us help you to produce your plastic product