Metal and Plastic Re-engineering

Have you thought about minimizing metal parts in your product? We can advice you.


Re-engineering from metal to plastic is not an end in itself, but a means. For example, to reduce assembly or investment costs, to gain more freedom of form or to shorten the time-to-market. We at Orange Plastics offer you proven reengineering processes, from drawing to delivery.

Re-engineering from metal to plastic

Rough sketches based on existing products

Advantages of plastic over metal

What is metal-to-plastic re-engineering? By manufacturing your product in plastic, a considerably cheaper and faster production process becomes possible. Plastic is lighter, offers more design freedom and requires considerably fewer assembly and finishing steps than metal. There are many different plastics, and each has its properties so that the most optimal plastic can be selected for the purpose. In addition, plastic is a lot more durable than metal. The carbon footprint of producing metal is much larger than that of plastic. In addition, plastic can be used many times more for different purposes. Read more about the sustainability of plastic here

But be critical when considering a re-engineering process. The differences between metal and plastic are large. Successful re-engineering therefore requires in-depth knowledge of metals and plastics to make a seamless translation into production.

Orange Plastics analyses your product in all its components, considering execution, form and function. Due to the large differences between metal and plastic, a deviation from the initial design is sometimes inevitable in order to achieve a successful end result and optimize your profit.

Of course, thanks to our years of experience, we can provide you with advice and we can guide the entire process from start to finish. Our engineers put the part entirely in 3D drawing and together with the colleagues of technology it is determined which type of plastic is most suitable to replace the metal. If the mould is made, a sample is made and meets all the requirements that are set then the mass production can start. The production of the plastic parts is many times faster and more flexible than a metal part will ever be able to be.

When does re-engineering offer benefits?

It may be difficult for you to estimate how much costs you can save by switching from metal to plastic. We at Orange Plastics can assist you with our experience in plastic re-engineering, we are happy to help!

We analyse every aspect of your product and point out the pros and cons that plastic re-engineering offers you. You get a picture of which assembly and finishing steps can be crossed out. Even if the switch to plastic makes less sense for you, we will give you honest and expert advice. Some products are better off in metal than in plastic. More about Re-engineering from metal to plastic can be read here on Wikipedia.

Contact us for an indication of how our plastic expertise and engineers can help you successfully convert your product from metal to plastic.

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