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Micro to Nano – microscope supplies for laboratories

In order to guarantee reliable research results, it is important for raster electron microscopy that the results found are accurate to the nanometre. Producing the preparations can be time-consuming. For this reason, users of electron microscopes wish to store their specimens in a safe and responsible way intermediate. Micro to Nano is a supplier of innovative microscope equipment for this target group.

The supplier was looking for a reliable company that could produce different plastic sheets for a range of specimen storage boxes and found an equal partner in Orange Plastics.

For example, the EM-Tec SB11 (on visual) This is a transparent styrene box with storage possibilities for 11 x standard Ø 12.7 mm pin stubs or 3 x Ø 25.4 mm pin stubs. Made of a transparent polystyrene box and a white plastic insert. The outer dimensions are 118 x 55 x 33 mm, with 16 mm of play, leaving a maximum sample height of 12 mm on the pins.

These are innovative and specialist microscope supplies that usually make lab technicians happy. The more specific, the better.

About the collaboration with Micro to Nano…

Together with the customer Micro to Nano, the Orange plastics team came up with several solutions in terms of custom-made plastic sheets. From design to the production of the mold and from plastic injection molding to the finishing and delivery of the plastic end products. Within a short time, we were able to help the customer to his full satisfaction.

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The full range of microscope supplies for electron microscopy can be found on the Micro to Nano website.

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