Have your molds made

We are specialists in making injection molds in both aluminum and steel. In our own tool making business we can even make a mold for your injection mold product within a week.

A mould or moulds are essential if you have a plastic product made

Manufacturing a mold is usually costly and can take a long time. Orange Plastics keeps every step in plastic production as economical as possible – including the mould. By realizing everything in-house, we are able to minimize the mould costs. The use of aluminium put both speed and cost first, quickly and very cheaply!



High-quality moulds are essential for the successful production of your plastic product. Orange Plastics offers the advantage of a proprietary mold making facilities, in which it;

  • Develops
  • Builds
  • creating samples
  • and where necessary, further optimizes

Our team of technicians and engineers is closely involved in every step of the process and ensures that everything is well regulated to the last detail. Not only do you ultimately have the product you want, but it is also optimally makeable for the injection moulder. A good coordination between design, mould maker and injection mould is of great importance. This provides an optimal production tool that delivers high quality products. Orange Plastics takes all that care out of your hands!


Make your own molds

Many plastic manufacturers outsource mould construction and cannot compete with the cost advantage and speed we offer. As a result, you pay unnecessarily high initial mould costs with them and you often have to wait a long time for your product to go into production. Your biggest expense is already made before anything has been produced.


Aluminum injection molds

In most cases we can be of service to you with our aluminum molds. Thanks to our in-house developed manufacturing method, we can achieve molds with extraordinary speed and quality.
Our engineers design molds down to every little detail, the essentials for you such as the on-spray point, emitters and cavity finish are discussed with you in advance so that we realize a mould that makes products to your expectations.



Steel injection molds

For the large series or for certain types of plastics we build steel injection molds. From single to multiple molds or even combination molds, so that only one mold needs to be built for several different plastic parts.


Mold warranty and maintenance

In our own tool making we can always keep the molds in top condition so that your production is never compromised. Before and after use, the mould is well inspected and greased so that there is no corrosion. With some dies we even make a million shots! Learn more about a die here.

In-house, all under one roof

Orange Plastics offers high-quality molds at low cost. We don’t compromise on quality. Because we build molds in-house, considerable cost savings are possible. From mold to plastic product, Orange Plastics is a much chosen partner in injection molding.


Our quality does not stop at the mold, but covers the entire production process

  • from idea optimization to die,
  • from product to delivery.


Each step is focused on quality and sustainability.

We optimize every production step and seamlessly connect it. In this way, we guarantee you a well-thought-through mold construction and an unprecedented reliable and solid end product, at competitive prices. In addition, we think along with the product design to put it in the mould in the most optimal way so that as little steel or aluminium as possible is needed. This is better for the cost of the die as well as for the environment.

Let us help you to produce your plastic product