Motrac batteries in closet

Motrac – innovative plastic housing for battery cells

Motrac – plastic battery cell housing for scrubbers and sweepers

Thanks to an innovative and flexible plastic housing for the batteries of this new generation of environmentally friendly scrubbing and sweeping machines especially designed by the technical team from Orange Plastics, the orders are pouring in at Motrac!

The new scrubber driers and sweepers offer the market a leading, forward-thinking and innovative product that also has a longer lifespan, despite their daily use.

In professional cooperation with the customer, the technical team from Orange Plastics developed a high-quality plastic housing that provides sufficient space for the machine’s battery cells to expand and shrink during operation once the machine has been switched off. This is a well-known characteristic of battery cells.

Years of experience and a strong Dutch network ensured a fast production time that allowed our team of specialists to constructively respond to the essential product requirements of the plastic battery housings. This allowed them to take care of the customer needs and guaranteed the entire production process from idea to mold construction, and from plastic injection molding to the final product.

Motrac plastic housing battery cells


In its ambition to carry out its business processes in a sustainable way, Orange Plastics constantly looks for a cooperation with similar partners who are also committed to developing high-quality and environmentally-conscious solutions. In doing so, Orange Plastics increases the ecological value of its organisation and actively contributes to a planet where future generations (and therefore future customers) can live a good and healthy life.

Our customer Motrac is like Orange Plastics, an ISO certified organisation and has been a leading total provider of internal logistics solutions since 1954. For their new generation of environmentally friendly scrubbing and sweeping machines, Motrac was looking for an alternative solution to the current expensive and rigid housings in which the battery cells of these machines are stored.

The pleasant collaboration between the organisations ensured that the plastic housings could be produced in a very short time and to full satisfaction. In the meantime, thousands of housings for the battery cells have been delivered and assembled. The scrubbers and sweepers can run for around 8 hours a day and, thanks to the high-quality plastic housings, have a service life of at least 10 years. Good for a lasting and cleaner result!

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The benefits of our customised plastic housing for battery cells:

  • Safe
  • Flexible (space for battery cells; expansion/shrink)
  • Cost saving
  • Sustainable working capacity
  • Long lasting

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Motrac batteries in closet
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