Nemo Fetal Monitoring System v1

Nemo Fetal Monitoring System

Nemo Fetal Monitoring System

After a research and development phase of more than 10 years, Nemo Healthcare is proud to present the Nemo Fetal Monitoring System (NFMS). A pioneering innovation that has changed the world of foetal monitoring.

The engingeers from Orange Plastics came up with a plastic housing for this pioneering device from Nemo Healthcare that, in addition to being user-friendly, also meets all the required safety regulations. Thanks to the efficient cooperation between the teams, the plastic enclosures could be delivered in a very short time. From design to construction of the mold and from plastic injection molding to the finishing touch and delivery.

Click here to read more about Orange Plastics’ total production process, contributing to a short time-to-market for customers.

About Nemo Fetal Monitoring System

Nemo Fetal Monitoring System is an innovative, mobile device that simultaneously measures and monitors the heart beat of mother and foetus, including uterine activity. Nemo Fetal Monitoring System provides professional caregivers with the information they need to contribute and guide on more safer birthgivings. For an additional explanation of this renewed product, please click here or view directly the Nemo Healthcare brochure.

NFMS Visual

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