Okki Nokki record cleaner

Okki Nokki

Okki Nokki – the record cleaning machine

”The starting point of a satisfying vinyl listening session is a clean vinyl record. A clean plate allows fewer taps and hisses, and element and plate wear out less when the plate is imposed clean. A solid record washing machine can make a substantial difference in sound quality.

The Okki Nokki was conceived by the company with the same name and has been around for quite some time. In 2019, the company switched to a plastic housing and has chosen Orange Plastics as their injection molding partner. Consisting of more than 20 plastic and silicone parts and also equipped with mechanics and eletronics, this is a complex consumer product.

Clean LP record Okki Nokkie

Orange Plastics contributed to the:

  • Engineering and the manufacturability of all components.
  • Manufacturing of all the injection molds
  • Manufacturing of all plastic parts
  • Complete assembly of the final product


In addition, we package all products and make sure that it arrives at the doorstep of our end customer.

We have set up a separate assembly line for this product and appointed dedicated people in order to have a consistent output throughout the year.

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