Orange Plastics produces blood tubes of the future

Orange Plastics produces blood tubes of the future

No company can exist without fit employees. This applies to your company, and also to Orange Plastics. That is why we are proud to be able to contribute to progress in the medical world as a injection mould.

The development of plastic medical products comes with strict requirements regarding quality and hygiene. Due to our high standard in this, we produce various medical products. In this e-mail we explain an extra special: Hem-Col, the blood tubes of the future.

What’s revolutionary about these Hem-Col blood tubes?

The new Hem-Col blood tube makes blood collection considerably more pleasant for the patient. This development makes it possible that a few drops of blood is sufficient to determine 95% of all blood values.

What does this mean now?

The classic blood draw with a hollow needle in the elbow fold is a thing of the past. A small prick in the fingertip allows a few drops of blood to be collected in the Hem-Col tube. In it is Hem-Col fluid that preserves the blood for five days. The blood can be sent by mail to the lab where it can be analyzed directly. By developing Hem-Col blood tubes, blood can be taken, transmitted and analyzed in a safe, comfortable and easy way.

The production process behind the Hem-Col tubes

Orange Plastics is responsible for the production process of the tubes: it has manufactured the moulds and ensures that the various parts are produced and assembled. It is then sent to our customer who further packages and labels it according to the quality standards of the medical industry.

The development of Hem-Col tubes provides more convenience and speed in the medical world. In this way, people can be helped better and faster. A goal that Orange Plastics is proud to contribute to.

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