Orange Plastics realizes SafeDistance wearable housing in 6 days

Orange Plastics realizes SafeDistance wearable housing in 6 days

Suddenly we live in the “one-and-a-half-meter society”, but how do we ensure that we do not accidentally get too close to each other?

The company Lopos has developed a unique solution for this; the Lopos SafeDistance wearable. The SafeDistance wearable is a small, light and portable device that measures the gap in real time to other SafeDistance wearables, helping to ensure sufficient distance between employees, patients, customers and visitors. Guaranteed without privacy issues.

keep distance roofside dafedistance appTurn on the SafeDistance wearable, hang it around your neck and you’re ready to keep everyone at your right distance.
Once the pre-configured diameter of one and a half meters is not respected, the wearable gives a sound and vibration signal and an optional LED light lights up to alert you that more distance is needed. The ultrawide band technology (UWB) ensures accurate measurements, without keeping track of location or personal data.

The SafeDistance is accurate

Because SafeDistance uses ultrawide band technology (UWB) instead of Bluetooth, for example, it is much more accurate and faster. With Bluetooth, the margin of error is 2 to 5 meters, with UWB it is a maximum of 15 cm.

Unique collaboration with all-round injection molding partner Orange Plastics

For Lopos, a partner who can think along was hugely important.
In addition, in view of the COVID-19 problems, the short lead time was necessary. Despite the closed border with Belgium, both parties were able to realize the housing together in four days. Lopos was looking for an experienced injection molding partner who offers a high-quality production process. An experienced party that uses the latest techniques, processes and knowledge. For more information, see

Lopos is a spin-off of imec, ID lab and Ghent University

“Over the past few weeks, we have realized with COVID-19 that our technology is also capable of supporting social distancing in companies, public institutions, stores and so on,” says Jen Rossey, CEO of Lopos. His company has designed a ‘wearable’ in the short term that gives you an alarm if you get too close to others. The first SafeDistance wearables will be shipped at the end of May! For more information, see

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