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As a sustainable mold and plastic injection molding manufacturer, Orange Plastics is aware of its contribution to tomorrow’s world and is therefore consciously raising the bar in terms of corporate social responsibility within the plastic production sector. At the same time, we offer our customers a cost benefit. Orange Plastics focuses on smart and sustainable engineering solutions, low energy consumption and minimal waste. This ambition is made possible by R2S, partner of Orange Plastics. Together, we are working on a sustainable world for the future. Read more below.

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Sustainable solutions are realised faster in smart cooperation with partners.

Orange Plastics works closely with R2S for the sustainable implementation of its production processes This organisation is like Orange Plastics, part of the Straatweg Group.

This makes it possible to offer customers attractive rates and to translate their wishes into plastic products in a short time and a social responsible way.


Collaborating for a sustainable future.

R2S likes to stimulate plastics manufacturers to produce in a more environmentally conscious way. This happens by offering them an innovative production process in which plastic materials can be reused.

R2S collects used plastic products sorted by product data sheet, grinds, conditions and stores them.

Together, Orange Plastics and R2S offer their customers professional support to make new R2S-certified products from the stored materials.


Positive effects of joint sustainable solutions.

Through our close cooperation with R2S, we save customers the use of scarce fossil raw materials right at the start of the production chain.

A second benefit of our method is that materials which would normally end up in waste are now reused. This means less pressure on our waste management system. We map out all these climate-neutral ambitions for you in a clear way and also save you a lot of money.

What else does Orange Plastics offer in terms of sustainable solutions?

To guarantee a sustainable production process, our team of professionals assess the manufacturability of your design in advance. In addition, smart engineering at Orange Plastics ensures that as little waste remains at the end of the production process.

At Orange Plastics, we try to optimise our production processes and use minimal fossil fuel. We encourage our partners to use sustainable energy and try to minimise transport. In addition, we use an extensive machine park with machines of different sizes and specifications.

It is important to find out what kind of machine can be used to produce a product in order to make optimal use of the energy. A small product in a small mold needs little pressure and therefore doesn’t need to be manufactured with a large machine.

Learn more about our processes? Check out our OPA videos!

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