Plastic Injection Molding

Orange Plastics is your partner in plastic injection molding.
With more than eighteen years of experience in a variety of industries, we offer an extremely solid foundation for a successful production project.

What is injection molding?
In our video serie of Orange Plastics Academy (OPA)we explain what plastic injection molding is

Plastic injection molding and our way of working

Within our operations, all production processes are seamlessly coordinated, allowing us to offer a high-quality plastic injection molding process at low cost in a very short time.

step 1 Plastic injection molding

Step 1. Fine tuning designDesign and optimization

You provide the product design, we execute it for you.
Thanks to many years of experience in mold construction and plastic injection molding, Orange Plastics can transform your product design into an injection moldable 3D design in no time.

Not every product can be easily injection molded in plastic and, in addition, determining the type of plastic is also crucial. We are therefore happy to help you professionally assess the feasibility of your product design, point out areas for improvement and polish off the sharp edges for you, sometimes literally.

Making molds

Step 2. Molds Manufacturing of the molds

Based on the 3D product design, we make your injection molds. These are created using detailed 3D drawings that we internally compose.

Hereby, every product detail is considered.
Years of experience in injection molding together with our detailed knowledge of mold flow analysis enable us to be a step ahead of any obstacles during mold manufacture thanks to a thorough mold construction.
After your approval on the offered sample, the actual production follows.

Plastic product production

Step 3. Injection moldingPlastic piece- or mass production

We have production facilities in the Nederlands and China.

The type of product and the size of your order determine the choice of production location. In doing so, we always strive for the most cost efficient production for each component of your final product.

Voluminous products are injection molded in the Netherlands. If your product consists of several parts and requires various finishing operations, it is more economical to injection mold your products at our location in China.

After injection molding is complete, we give your products a “finishing touch” upon request for a beautiful end result.

Consider techniques such as wet varnishing, printing and/or printing. We are happy to guide you in making your choices.


Step 4. Assembly Assembly after injection molding

An essential and crucial step in the realization of your final product is the assembly of the various components. After assembly, your products are thoroughly checked. If desired, the assembly takes place in our Cleanroom ISO class 5. With cleanrooms in multiple locations, we are extremely flexible and can always meet your expectations.

packaging plastic products

Step 5. Finishing touch Turn key injection mold products

Do you want your finished product ready for sale? That’s possible! Using various and modern finishing techniques, we can provide a packaging process for you.

From blister packs to printed full color boxes and much more. Enclosing product manuals is also one of the possibilities.
Ask your Orange plastics specialist about the total offer.

If you want to know more about plastic injection molding, learn more here.


Step 6. Delivery Anywhere you like

As a customer, you decide where we deliver your products, regardless of which Orange Plastics plant your finished product comes from. We guarantee fast and efficient delivery.

Depending on your requirements, we will agree a delivery time and delivery location with you. If desired, we will also take care of the logistics.

Please contact us for more information and/or a free quote. Our team of specialists is ready to help you.

Let us help you to produce your plastic product