Plastic production locations in the Netherlands and China

You have a product design and are looking for a reliable plastic injection molding partner to realize it for you.

Which production country is the best choice? In mass production the preference is soon for countries in Asia, in specialized production perhaps closer to home. But when are you best off? Orange Plastics produces in both the Nederlands and in China. Your plastic product is produced where it is most efficient.

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Plastic production locations

China and plastic production are inextricably linked. Nevertheless, plastic from China isn’t always the most beneficial option. For each component of your product, Orange Plastics looks at where it can be produced most cost-efficient. We will clarify your production costs and provide you with advice on the feasibility of the product in the market. What factors should you think of?

1. Labor intensive

For labor-intensive products, you best revert to Asian countries like China. Labour intensive refers to the individual production of, for example, many small components that must then be assembled.

Or when, for example, a lot of post-production is required. The Netherlands is a more beneficial option for simple plastic products that consist of only one or a few components hardly requiring post-production. Of course, it is also possible to strategically spread the production of your plastic products over Asia and the Netherlands, or to have your production entirely occured in the Netherlands.

2. Volume

Large products literally put a lot of weight into the scales of your transport. The more the volume and weight of certain components increases, the more attractive it becomes to have the production closer to home. We generally have large products manufactured in the Netherlands and small products in China.

In doing so, we naturally take into account the carbon footprint. The less transportation needed, the better it is for the environment. This way everyone benefits from the right choice. Production in China or production in the Netherlands – Orange Plastics offers both.

3. Speed

In general, production closer to home is the faster option. First out of tools (samples) of a new project can be validated quicker by the customer. Once the orders have been produced, transport still needs to be taken into account.

Fortunately, nowadays there are many possibilities to get your products from China to their destination in a fast and flexible way, such as courier services, air freight, LCL and even train transportation. The most beneficial and reliable method of transportation is via ocean freight. However, this involves a transport time of four to five weeks.

4. Geography

In case of serving global markets, China offers excellent logistics opportunities. Orange Plastics delivers for example plastic products directly from China to Europe, Asia and North America. In consultation with you, we choose the most strategic production location and advise you on what is most advantageous.

Production in China and the Netherlands: Best of both worlds

Orange Plastics offers you the best of both worlds. We have access to injection molding location in the Netherlands and China. Regardless of whether we have your product manufactured in the Netherlands or China; in our factories we apply strict quality guidelines that ensure a very high degree of consistency and reliability.

Our recent ISO certification is an example of this. Based on years of experience with plastic production in China, Orange Plastics is the perfect partner needed to achieve maximum cost efficiency and minimum carbon footprint.

Are you curious as to which production location is best suited for the manufacture of your products?

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