Producing plastic in the Netherlands and China


You have a design for a plastic product and are looking for a reliable injection molding partner who converts it to a tangible product.

Which production country is the best choice? Many people choose to produce plastic products in China. But when are you best off with Chinese plastic production and when in the Netherlands? Orange Plastics produces in both the Netherlands and China. Your plastic product is produced where it is most efficient.

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China & Plastic

China and plastic production are inextricably linked. Yet Chinese plastic is not always the most economical option. Orange Plastics looks for every component of your plastic product where it can be produced most cost-efficiently. We make your production costs transparent and thus the feasibility of the product in the market. What factors should you think of?


1. Labour-instensive Plastic Products We Make in China

Chinese plastic production is the most cost-efficient option for labor-intensive plastic products. This is the case when many small components are produced separately and then assembled. The Netherlands is a cheaper option for simple plastic products that consist of only one or a few components and require virtually no post-processing. Of course, it is also possible to spread the production of your plastic product strategically across Asia and the Netherlands, or to have it carried out entirely in the Netherlands.


2. Series Size of Your Plastic Production

The size of the series in combination with other variables – such as assembly, post-processing, volume, packaging and colour references – determine whether China is the optimal option for plastic production. Together with you, we assess whether plastic production in China is optimal for your serial size.


3. The Delivery of Your Plastic Product from China or the Netherlands

When you supply your plastic product worldwide, China offers excellent logistics capabilities. For example, Orange Plastics currently supplies plastic products from China to both Europe and the United States. In consultation with you, we choose the most optimal production location.


4. How Big Is Your Plastic Product?

Large products literally put a lot of weight on the scale of your transport. As the volume and weight of certain components increases, Dutch production becomes more attractive. Plastic production in China or production in the Netherlands – Orange Plastics offers both.


Plastic Production in China and the Netherlands: Best of Both Worlds

Orange Plastics offers you the best of both worlds. We have a injection foundry in the Netherlands and China. Whether you have your plastic product produced in the Netherlands or China; in our factories we have sharp quality guidelines that ensure a very high degree of consistency and reliability. Our recent ISO certification is an example of this. Through years of experience in plastic production in China, Orange Plastics offers a flawless bridge function that is needed to achieve maximum cost efficiency and minimal carbon footprint.


Are you unsure to have your plastic product produced in the Netherlands or China?

Please contact Orange Plastics for a quote and the most cost-efficient choice.

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