Qbig Packaging

Qbig Packaging

Dairy, fruit juice, chemicals, cosmetics, nuts and seeds; these are examples of products for which Qbig packaging liners, taps and caps are used. For decades, Qbig has been a supplier of packaging solutions in the bulk industry. The special super-handy folding method of liners and the years of experience in making all kinds of advanced valves and caps, has made Qbig a dominant player in this market.

Qbig PackagingOrange Plastics has long been a partner of Qbig in developing and producing the fitments (valves and caps) that are welded on the liners. Orange Plastics produces the valves for Qbig in all kinds of different types of materials that have to be food-grade, steam-able or silicone-free, for example. These valves sometimes consist of more than 10 components.

Qbig Packaging innovative

With several cleanrooms and test labs in China and the Netherlands, the valves are assembled by advanced assembly devices and tested for leak density. Streamlined processes and detailed testing methods ensure that all valves are 100% controlled.

In the meantime, Qbig has developed more than 20 different valves and caps which help to expand the market. There are also plenty of developments underway for all kinds of new valves and caps that both compete with existing products and tap into completely new markets.


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