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If you want to have a plastic product made But what does it cost to make a mold and a product and what does it involve?


We are happy to help you assess and optimise the ‘make-ability’ of the product and offer you a price indication for this without any obligation. As a result of many years of experience and in-house activities, we can make a targeted and quick estimate of costs and lead times. That is free of cost and is always enlightening!


In short: it starts with requesting a price indication, do so in the right panel or feel free to call our office to speak to someone.

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    How do we proceed?


    If you request a price indication from us, we will work for you to make an estimate of what the product should approximately cost. You will get an indication of the initial investment of the mold as well as the cost of the products. If the product needs post-processing, for example wet paints, printing or assembly, our estimate will be a bit less precise


    For each request, the more information we receive from you, the better the estimate becomes. Don’t forget to mention how many products you think you need, because this has a big impact on the price. Of course, we help you optimize the design, so that the costs for you always stay low!

    Let us help you to produce your plastic product