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Retenser – for greatly improved tennis performance

In tennis, many variables can influence the game. As both novice and experienced tennis player, how nice would it be to gain more control over your game and thus make a match completely your own?

Together with our client Elevating Sports and design agency Dyntec, we have developed a practical solution. The Retenser is an innovative patented mechanism made from the plastics Polyamide (PA) and Polypropylene (PP) and approved by the International Tennis Federation (ITF).

The mechanism has been tested by various tennis players and is very positively received by top players such as Robin Haase. It is a user-friendly and innovative product with an orange background, literally and figuratively. Completely according to Dutch idea andred dot winner 2021 developed in Dutch partnership. The product even received the prestigious Red Dot Design Award for ‘Innovative Product’ in 2021!

The manufacturing process has been entirely taken care of by our Dutch injection moulding team of Orange Plastics. Especially for producing the cylinders of the Retenser, which are eventually laced to the strings of a tennis racket, precision molds are needed. The entire process from idea to product, thanks to all teams, was realized in a record time.

Racket met retenser

Within four weeks, a full set of five multi-cavity production molds has been created. This set of molds consists, among other things, of quite complex injectionmolding kit with sliders and plates. Furthermore, for a number of cores hardened steel pins have been used to ensure a long service life of the moulds. In our own furnished workshop we had reserved staff and space to get the first sets assembled in no time. As a result, our customer received their products at the beginning of 2021 and they were able to start distributing to the tennis specialty stores right away.

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The advantages of the Retenser at a glance:
  • Suitable for any tennis racket by using flexible and lightweight materials
  • Available for recreational and advanced tennis players
  • Reduces sports injuries and contributes to the fun and success of a tennis game thanks to an optimal string tension that is of course unique to every player.

More information about the product can be found on the website of Retenser and also read the interview with Robin Haase in the Telegraaf.

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