SecuCare Modular Threshold Aids

Staying vital sometimes comes with hurdles lucky there are SecuCare Modular threshold aids

Being temporarily or permanently less mobile can cause daily inconveniences. Seemingly normal and everyday activities suddenly become an obstacle. This is annoying or sometimes even dangerous with, for example, a walker, mobility scooter or wheelchair.

SecuCare Modular Threshold AidsSecuCare Modular Threshold Aids

The SecuCare threshold assistance program helps to take or bridge such a threshold or increase. Orange Plastics has been involved in the development of these essential components since day one.

About SecuCare
Safe living for Juniors and Seniors.

SecuCare is secu’s healthcare tools program. It responds to the changes in care, with a range of products that are both functional and have an attractive design. Designed for the senior of our time, who demands comfort, convenience, quality and design. The products are widely applicable: from residential homes, to care institutions and utility construction.

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