Silairo wind-driven fan

The Silairo wind-driven fan is revolutionary in its kind. Optimal operation has been achieved by smart aerodynamic design and that with a very distinctive appearance.

High-quality plastic makes this design possible, while the heart of the fan consists of stainless steel parts and a very light running bearing set. The Silairo® wind-driven fan is patented due to its unique technical properties. This fan is designed using extensive wind tunnel testing, analyzing deficiencies of many traditional, metal wind-driven fans to achieve optimal shape for maximum air extraction.

Essential for the best extraction are the following distinguishing features:

  • The drive function (wind) and the extraction function (ventilation) are separated into the fan, in order to make the best blade shape for each function.
  • The incoming wind at all angles and directions is made optimal by the specially shaped drive blades at the top and at the bottom

Silairo wind-driven fan

The Silairo® wind-driven fan is patented due to its unique technical properties.

  • Silairo® wind-driven fan; revolutionary and distinctive
  • Best extraction by technical optimization
  • Well-balanced, extremely light-running bearing
    Patented product
  • High-quality plastic for durable outdoor application, no corrosion
  • Ingenious water barriers
  • For support/promotion of air drainage on ventilation ducts
  • Natural ventilation; sustainable environmentally friendly solution, no electricity needed

Silairo windgedreven ventilator

De Silairo® windgedreven ventilator is vanwege zijn unieke technische eigenschappen gepatenteerd.

  • Silairo® windgedreven ventilator; revolutionair en onderscheidend
  • Beste afzuiging door technische optimalisatie
  • Goed uitgebalanceerde, uiterst licht lopende lagering
  • Gepatenteerd product
  • Hoogwaardig kunststof voor duurzame buitentoepassing, geen corrosie
  • Ingenieuze waterwering
  • Voor ondersteuning/bevordering van luchtafvoer op ventilatiekanalen
  • Natuurlijke ventilatie; duurzame milieuvriendelijke oplossing, geen elektriciteit nodig
Silairo windgedreven ventilator