R2S really making circular products

Orange Plastics, as a plastic manufacturer, is aware of its responsibility for tomorrow’s world.
Our production process raises the bar of corporate social responsibility in plastic production. At the same time, it offers a cost advantage for our customers. This is made possible by our partnership with Return2Sender, also abbreviated with R2S. So sustainability–Orange Plastics and R2S.

What is R2S


R2S aims to make plastic manufacturers more sustainable. This is done in an innovative way of recycling.
It’s a smarter way of re-using. Products with the R2S logo can be sorted by their exact plastic specification. Due to the thorough knowledge of the plastics, the same products can be used to recreate an equivalent product. This is different from traditional recycling, where valuable plastics are combined to produce low-grade products.


Sort by plastic type for a better environment


Through our collaboration with R2S, we reduce the use of fossil fuels at the beginning of the production chain. After all, by sorting by plastic specification, the same type of plastic can be used.
An additional advantage of this recycling method is that plastic products that normally end up in the waste can now be used in a meaningful way again. This means less pressure on our waste management system. Doubly good for the environment! But also for you as a supplier of these products.


CO2 neutral, fully insightful


R2S’s advanced calculator maps out exactly how much CO2 you will save. The aim is to produce 100% climate neutral and R2S requires the same from its partners. Through the use of green electricity and the possibility to realize forests with optimal CO2 uptake.


R2S helps you save costs


R2S is not only good for the environment, but also for your bottom line.
In addition to reusing your old products as a raw material for your new products, R2S allows you to save money in your own production chain by contacting the consumer directly.
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R2S calculation
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