Total production

A manufacturing process is not complete after a plastic product comes out of the mold. Only after the components have been subject to strict quality control, assembled, possibly printed, glass beaded, powder coated or gene-coated and packaged, there actually is a finished product.

Orange Plastics offers proven total production for your products. We make sure that your plastic products are realized exactly as you wish.

We ensure that your plastic products are realized completely according to your wishes.



At our production sites we professionally assemble the plastic products into a complete cosumer product. Materials such as screws, inserts, metal parts, strips, labels and stickers are also expertly applied by Orange Plastics, if required at this stage.

ISO certified clean room

Orange Plastics has a cleanroom that meets all ISO 14644-1 Class 5 requirements and has therefore been awarded an official ISO Class 5 conformity certificate by SGS.

A rating reserved for clean rooms with up to 3,520 particles of 0.5 ┬Ám or larger; a level of air quality that is over 10,000 times cleaner than an average (clean) factory environment.


If desired, our Orange Plastics team can finish your plastic products for you and give them the look and feel you want. We use various finishing techniques to optimize your product and make it ready for sale. This includes wet painting, powder coating, glass beading, printing, chrome plating, dipping and laser engraving of your products.


Orange Plastics understands better than anyone the positive impact of original and distinctive packaging to make a product successful. Our team of professionals will be happy to assist you in making this important step, on the way to a complete plastic end product that is immediately suitable for the consumer market.

We ensure that we buy the right packaging for you and give your product(s) a unique finishing touch, so that you can leave your competitors far behind in the race. If desired, we realize this in close cooperation with your own packaging- or design partner. Last but not least, all products will be packaged in outer cartons and fitted with film or foam for total protection during transport.

For packaging of liquid and dry bulk, Orange Plastics works closely with its business partner Qbig, through whom we can offer the special packaging at a very attractive price.

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