Total production

A production process is not yet complete after the plastic product comes out of the mould hot. Only after the components have been quality controlled, assembled, possibly printed or genatlakt and packaged, is there actually a final product.

Orange Plastics offers proven total production for your products. We make sure that your plastic products are realized exactly as you wish.

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In our production locations, the plastic components are expertly assembled into a complete end product. Also purchasing parts such as screws, inserts, metal parts, strips, labels and stickers are professionally applied by Orange Plastics at this stage.

Orange Plastics also has a Cleanroom, in accordance with the Cleanroom specifications ISO 14644-1 Class 5. The cleanroom is provided by SGS with an official certificate of conformity with ISO Class 5. This class is reserved for Cleanrooms with up to 3,520 particles of 0.5 μm or larger; air quality more than 10,000 times cleaner than a standard (clean) factory environment.



If you want more than just a plastic product, the after-processing of Orange Plastics can give your product the look and feel you want. We offer various post-processing techniques to optimize your product including wetting, printing, printing, chrome, immersion and laser engraving.



Orange Plastics does not leave your product unwrapped. We understand like no other the crucial role that a distinctive packaging plays in the success of a product. That’s why we also help you in this last step in creating the complete end product and realize for you the full-color printed packaging for the consumer. We make sure that we buy the right packaging and provide your product with the required final touch to stand head and shoulders above the competitor. Where necessary, we realize this in collaboration with your own packaging or design partner. All products are then packed in boxes and possibly in foil or foam rubber for total protection during transport.

Let us help you to produce your plastic product