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The machines from Veromatic serve a higher quality coffee with even better taste retention thanks to their sustainable character. This makes the machines very popular with the “real” coffee experts.

Since its foundation in 1991, Veromatic has evolved into an important international player in the field of high-quality consumption machines, intended for the professional market. Veromatic’s guiding principle is “Made to serve, designed to last”. A slogan that is fully in line with the environmentally conscious business operations of Orange Plastics.

Veromatic drip trayEngineers from Orange Plastics and Veromatic have been working closely together over the past months to develop different parts that can be found on the new line of Perto coffee machines from Veromatic. Think of the discharge pipe where the coffee comes out, the drip tray, but also the feet on which the machine stands. Food Grade Copolyester Tritan’ material was jointly selected for the production of the parts in direct contact with the coffee. This high-quality plastic is very suitable for this particular purpose.

Polycarbonate (PC) and Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene (ABS) are also used. In general, there are many types of plastic. Click here for the seven most common types.

Apart from the substantial cost savings, the adjustments made will also save the customers of Veromatic time. Due to the high quality of the plastic parts, the machines are easier to clean and maintain.

The pleasant cooperation between the organisations has made a valuable contribution to Veromatic’s ambition to strengthen its position in both the European and the Dutch home market by finding a new and sustainable partner in Orange Plastics, in order to reduce its ecological footprint on a daily basis wherever possible. This is done by continuing to look very critically at the use of energy, water and materials. Less is more!

A mechanical engineer from Veromatic International about this project…
The cooperation with Orange Plastics went smoothly from the beginning to the end of our project because the lines are very short and they can switch quickly. In addition, they deliver good quality products within the tight deadline. All in all, this is a company that we can certainly use for future projects!

Visit the Veromatic website to learn more about the quality consumption machines from this environmentally conscious organisation.

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