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Eggie – breeding chamber for soldier flies

Eggie, the system which integrataes the whole lifecycle of the flies in one place.

After years of development, InsectoCycle is now introducing a patented breeding cage for mass production of the eggs of the black soldier fly.
Part of their breeding cage is Eggie, a grid where the female flies can lay their larvae eggs. In mutiple cicles, the grids are placed into the cage to create optimal circumstances for the insects.

In collaboration bothe Orange Plastics and InsectoCycle have developed and produced the innovative grid.

The black soldier fly’s larvae contain a lot of proteins and are processed in a lot of food products.

Next to the fact that they are easy to grow, they consume very little raw materials or water to grow. This makes them extremely sustainable with a minimal impact on the environment. And sustainability is a subject high on the agenda for Orange Plastics.

Besides that, Orange Plastics loves to contribute to innovations from home soil. For this project, speed was of great importance. We have been able to react to this request very adequate. Due to the fact that Orange Plastics builds their molds in-house, within less than three weeks we have been able to manufacture this mold and the grids were put into use within no-time.

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