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Improved XP Masters PlayStation controller

Maximise your gameplay with the new thumb grips from XP Masters, specially designed for the PlayStation controller.
Die-hard gamers will soon be able to enjoy the latest thumb grips from XP Masters for PlayStation controllers, which allow users to play up to nine levels on one console.
Recently, our Orange Plastics team made a valuable contribution to the latest developments in gaming.

In cooperation with the experts from XP Masters they have designed and produced new thumb grips. Polypropylene (PP) forms the basis for the XP Pro thumb grips and Thermoplastic Elastomers (TPE) are used for the finish.

The combination of these materials ensures, on the one hand, that the thumb grips remain firmly attached to the console and, on the other hand, that they are very comfortable to the touch and provide users with a good grip during gaming. This is in contrast to other providers.

With three different heights and thus a different sensitivity during play, nine levels have been drawn up. From easy (with low grip) to difficult (with high grip) for both the starting gamer and the pros.

Besides a significant cost reduction,XP Masters_1the complete assembly in the packaging phase has a nice touch of corporate social responsibility.

Next to sustainable management, Orange Plastics values
social entrepreneurship and therefore has its own factory inside a social workplace where people with a distance to the labour market perform all sorts of work related activities.

There, the thumb grips are packaged in ready-made boxes that are available in game shops and on bol.com. All this with a super-fast result and a satisfied customer.

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