Pitbull compact loader

Pitbull compact loader – latest model of agricultural shovel

Many industries today face increasingly stringent environmental requirements and regulations. So does the agricultural sector. In addition to the improved methods of tillage, devising innovative solutions for agricultural machinery is also very important. With these global social developments in mind, the Peeters Group came in contact with the team of Orange Plastics.

The Peeters Group is market leader in the area of small multi-purpose tillage contractors and offers the sector an innovative range of agricultural machines.
Like Orange Plastics, the organisation strives to opt as many sustainable solutions as possible within its operations in order to make a significant contribution to the environment.

Mold Peeters Group
The technical teams of Orange Plastics and the Peeters Group joined forces to devise a smart solution for the latest mini shovel in the Peeters Group’s modernised park of agricultural machinery. The teams developed a plastic mudguard for the Pitbull compact loader in close cooperation.

The plastic mudguards replace the steel mudguards, are much lighter in weight and therefore cost-effective. Using aluminium mega-molds, we were able to produce a comprehensive serie of mudguards at an attractive rate in no time. Read more about our unique working method here.

Thanks to a nice collaboration between the organisations, the customer was able to take some great steps in its ambition to realise an updated version of the Pitbull compact loader.
In addition to the logistical advantages, because Orange Plastics was able to produce the mudguards in the Netherlands, weight savings were also achieved. This come as an extra to the cost savings achieved for materials and assembly. With this, our team has contributed to a sustainable and high-quality product that has been very well received in the agricultural market.

Diederik from Orange about this project…
Nice project, nice product this Pitbull compact loader! It was quite a job, but we managed to deliver the mega-molds for the plastic mudguards commissioned by the Peeters Group quickly and at a competitive price, thanks to our inventive working methods and Dutch molding department.

You can find more information about the total range of shovels on the Peeters Group website.

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