Floating Solar

Floating Solar floating solar panels in water basins

The Netherlands aims to make 16% of all energy used in the Netherlands by 2023 sustainable energy. Orange Plastics has the ambition to contribute to this and to take on more and more projects which support this aim.

Floating Solar floating solar panelsYou may have seen them, floating solar panels in water basins. Floating Solar develops solar panel islands that, by means of winches, rotate with the sun. Through Optimal Solar Tracking, the solar panel island constantly floats with the sun for the most energy output.

Orange Plastics helped by manufacturing the moulds, for parts of the frame on which the solar panels rest, and of course also provides for their production. Orange Plastics has also made the closing caps for the floaters. The frame parts are made by KIWA-certified material, which allows the islands to lie in water basins.

Production tape bracketsNowadays these islands are scattered throughout the Netherlands and it is expected that by 2021 many more locations will be added. Orange Plastics helps to create a sustainable future!

Floating Solar

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